New World Mixed Case

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Size: 12 x 75cl


2 x Neptune Point Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough - New Zealand
Pure, flavourful and intense with aromas and flavours of passion fruit and grass. This is well structured with integrated acidity and a nice rounded palate.

2 x Cape Marlin Chenin Blanc - South Africa
Fragrant and aromatic with tangerine, yellow and red plums and nectarine. Fruit forward and juicy with well-balanced acidity.

2 x Mountbridge Reserve Chardonnay - Australia
Subtle aroma of light white peach and plums with a suggestion of coconut. Well balanced and medium bodied.

2 x Finca Clasica Malbec Shiraz - Argentina
Perfumed and juicy with notes of ripe plums and soft, red berry fruits. Easy drinking with mellow tannins.

2 x Tinamou Pinot Noir - Chile
Pale in colour with notes of crunchy red fruit, pepper and smoke. This is a relatively light bodied wine with raspberry leaf, cherry and some herbal notes. Fresh acidity lifts the wine and makes it a pleasing match with a simple roast chicken or plate of charcuterie.

2 x Kleindal Ruby Cabernet - South Africa
Ruby Cabernet is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan, this is an easy drinking, medium bodied wine, well structured with notes of ripe berries underpinned by soft accessible tannins and a lengthy finish.

Please note that we reserve the right to change wines in the case should we run short of stock. We will always replace a wine with its nearest equivalent in price, style and quality.